Edgemere Park

Thanks to an the Sea Girt Council and Open Space Grant from Monmouth County, SGC was able to expand the usage of Edgmere Park while preserving its wildlife for future generations.

Creating environmental and recreational sustainability

The Sea Girt Conservancy recognized that this 2.7 acres of pristine mature forest had been neglected and needed attention to make it sustainable.

Before removing invasive plantsAfter removing invasive plants and planting a new barrier

Preservation of trees and removing invasive species

One of the major goals was to remove invasive species, such as Japanese knotweed and English ivy, that had overtaken a large portion of the park to the extent that they had devoured and strangled some specimen trees. Without intervention, this green space was not sustainable in the long term.

Forestry mowing and more

In order to initiate this project the SGB with guidance from the SGC completed an initial forestry mowing in order to control the invasives.

Before our mowing projectAfter mowing

Thinking of the future

Even more was done to ensure enjoyment and sustainability of Edgemere Park for years to come. This includes:

  • Removal of invasive plants

  • Replanting of native species
  • Planting a buffer along the railroad tracks
  • Installation of Locust Fencing along the path

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Pollinator Garden

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