Forestry Mowing

In conjunction with Sea Girt Borough, SGC has initiated a multi-year program designed to improve select wooded areas to control invasive vines and weeds.

Increased sustainability and improved habitats

The aim of this program is to increase sustainability, improve habitat, and clean up the appearance of these areas. These efforts will allow native plants to reestablish naturally although some replanting will occur.

Before our mowing projectAfter mowing

Benefits of forest management

Managing forests and grasslands improve the health, diversity, and productivity of these areas to meet the needs of current and future generations.

Discussions during forest mowing
Beginning phases of the mowing project

Project phases

The initial mechanical phase of this project involves ‘foresty mowing’ which was done by an outside contractor. Afterwards, there will be active regrowth treatment and replanting.

Projects you might be interested in

Edgemere Park

The initial project included removing invasive species to reclaim and improve 2.7 acres of pristine mature forest. 

Pollinator Garden

SGC was awarded a grant to plant a pollinator garden at Edgemere park.