Pollinator Garden at Edgemere Park

The Sea Girt Conservancy was awarded a grant to plant a Pollinator Garden in order to provide valuable sources of food, nectar, water, protection, and larval host plants for pollinators.

Continuing our work at Edgmere Park

After the initial clean-up and invasive species removal at Edgmere Park, it could be seen that there was an opportunity for replanting native plants while also providing a habitat for pollinators.

Proposed layout of the Pollinator Garden at Edgemere Park
Pollinator garden stock photo from Pixabay

Reclaiming natural habitat

The goal of this project is to reclaim an area that had been overgrown and lacking habitat for natural pollinators. With that in mind, SGC hired a professional landscape architect to design a sustainable garden.

Bringing back native plants

The planting of native plants is important to keep out invasive species and grow the pollinator community.

Pollinator garden bee on flower
Butterfly stock image from Pixabay

Additional improvements

The project requires installing deer fencing to protect the planted area. We look forward to planting seasonal native plants as time goes on, but the project will also include:

  • Smothering program with the Sea Girt Elementary School
  • Tree fall and invasive species removal.

  • Installation of irrigation
  • Installation of plantings with SGES

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