Sea Girt Conservancy

Founded in 2020, the Sea Girt Conservancy’s mission is to promote the preservation, enjoyment, and ongoing maintenance of our parks and open space for the environment and the benefit of the public, thus ensuring the continuation of these valuable resources for current and future generations. Sea Girt Conservancy, Inc. is a non-profit corporation recognized as a tax-exempt organization under Internal Revenue Service code 501 (c) (3).  Your donation is tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes to the full extent of the law.  Please check with us or your tax advisor for additional information. 

Mike Meixsell
Former Councilman / Board of Education Member

Leanne R. Hoffmann
Professional Engineer and Planner, Certified Municipal Engineer and Certified Public Works Manager

Paul Cerami
Accountant, President of Sea Girt Booster Club, Former Councilman

Donna Thurston
Former Educator-Long time Resident

Dan Flynn
Community Relations-Radiologist

Kiera Higgins
Director of Communications
Sophomore at Villanova University / Environmental Studies

 Ken Weigel
Long time Resident

John Horan
Former Vice-Chairman Sea Girt Board of Education

Mike Matthews
Shade Tree Commission / Weed Science Manager

Jennifer Perry
ADA Compliance for Northeast ADA Center at Cornell University / Sea Girt Recreation Commission

Michael Tarigo 
Graphic Design Intern

 Key Advisors

Diane Anthony
Sea Girt Town Council Liaison

Alan Zakin
Chair Emeritus