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Candide’s Garden and Friends, Inc., working with our Environmental Commission in Lake Como aims to create a significant area of environmentally-friendly land…one yard at a time! Using Candide’s Garden as a model, our Patchwork for Wildlife project covers the range of measures that residents can employ to create their own fully-environmentally-beneficial landscape.

Each year we award Certificates of Appreciation to those who make eco-friendly improvements in their yards. We also make it as easy as possible for folks to make these improvements. Our online map enables us to track progress, provide encouragement for neighbors to get on board, and share our work broadly.

Anticipated further benefits are augmenting the community network, beautifying the neighborhood, and ultimately increasing property values. And…over time the project might be emulated by other coastal communities.


Jon J. Gibbons
Founder, Candide’s Garden & Friends, Inc. – 501(C)3 non-profit
Rutgers Master Gardener, Monmouth County
Chair, Lake Como Environmental Commission 2013-9

Candide's Garden Full Illustration

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