Michael Van Clef’s Presentation on Invasive Species Mitigation and Do Not Plant List

Below is a link to Michael Van Clef’s presentation covering the dangers of invasive species, and what can be done to stop them. Also linked is a “Do Not Plant” list of invasive plants, most of which are extremely common and available for purchase.

Presentation: Stewardship Planning with Emphasis on Invasive Species Mitigation

Do Not Plant: Invasive Plant List

Change Food: How to forage and eat weeds

Tama Matsuoka Wong’s Ted Talk on how she turns weeds into a viable food option:
ChangeFood- Tama Matsukoa Wong

Department of Agriculture Pests and Diseases

Please visit the link below to learn more about local pests and diseases!
Department of Agriculture Pests and Diseases

Spotted Lantern Fly

Click the link to learn more about the impact that the Spotted Lantern Fly has on our environment:

Spotted Lantern Fly Awareness Article

Also see the article (or link) below on how to build your own Spotted Lantern Fly trap!

Penn State Extension: How to build Spotted Lanternfly Trap

Article on English Ivy (by: Mike Matthews)

Article on the Japanese Knotweed (by: Mike Matthews)

Establishment of the Sea Girt Conservancy

Edgmere Park Pilot Project