Sea Girt Residents create Citizens Committee to help keeping open spaces green

A group of Sea Girt residents recently formed a committee where they are interested in helping all of Sea Girt Parks and Open spaces. This committee was created by the help of councilwoman Diane Anthony. 

The mission of the Sea Girt Conservancy is to promote the preservation, enhancement, maintenance, and sustainability of Sea Girt’s parks and open spaces through community awareness, education, and funding.  Achieving this objective will ensure the continuation and safeguarding of these valuable environmental assets while at the same time providing light recreational enjoyment to benefit the public for current and future generations.

The Sea Girt Conservancy will evaluate borough open space conditions and needs and make recommendations and solicit volunteers and support to respond appropriately to community need.  As the Sea Girt Recreation Commission is ably addressing Baltimore Park, and there is a plan that is currently funded and being executed for Crescent Park, the Sea Girt Conservancy will plan on initially focusing on enhancing the beautiful natural resource of Edgemere Park and the adjacent Terrace coastline.  

Councilwoman Diane Anthony has stated: ‘This positive and pro-active path is so meaningful to Sea Girt’s environmental and ecological future as well as promoting the appreciation and enjoyment of these wonderful lands and watershed’. Anthony’s role is to be a liaison to the Council, assisting, and maintaining open communication between the 2 entities and the public. This coordination will be essential to keeping both the residents, who represent the community and the council aligned on all expectations and planning initiatives that will contribute to the beautification of Sea Girt.

The committee has appointed Alan Zakin as the President and Mike Meizsell as the Vice President. These two individuals bring a wealth of local knowledge and legal expertise to manage the often-complicated guidelines that involve protecting the environment.

An initial Edgemere Park Plan has been presented and supported by the Sea Girt Town Council and Sea Girt residents. After an assessment of the park was performed, a plan was formulated to include public awareness of the need for non-native invasive plant/tree removal and controlled maintenance. The implementation began with removal of approximately ½ of invasive growth by Sea Girt volunteers and attempts to control are on-going. An Eagle Scout leadership project and volunteer assistance with donated plant materials provided new native plant life to the park.  Planning continues with safety concerns along the railroad tracks (fencing), the concept of nature paths, open air outdoor class, and light recreational/learning opportunities for the public.  

An exciting attribute of this committee is the wide array of backgrounds that are represented. The committee will be looking to add members that have an interest in environmental programs and also willing to participate in fundraising efforts. In addition to meetings that will include the future direction and programs focused on all open space, members will be volunteering to help with the current maintenance of the parks. 

Any interested residents whom would like to help with volunteer work and/or are interested in learning more, please contact us via email at:

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